Each week will provide you and your family with a specific and vital discipleship component with each week focusing on something different. This way each week is something new and exciting. For our Wednesday Gathering, we focus on 3 key components of discipleship found in the early church in Acts 2 that are still as important for the church today at they were for the church then. 

On the (1) and (3) Wednesday of the month, we gather for a time in God’s WORD together.  On the (2) Wednesday, we enjoy a time of FELLOWSHIP that will be different each month. On the (4) Wednesday of the month, we come together for a time of PRAYER


Each month follows this discipleship schedule for the Wednesdays in that month:

(1) Word

(2) Fellowship

(3) Word

(4) Prayer

On months that have 5 Wednesdays plans for the 5th Wednesday are TBA.

We hope you will make plans to attend each week as we grow in our relationship with the Lord together.